install wordpress plugin

Sometimes you may need some extra features which is not included in wordpress. Therefore you have to install WordPress Plugins to get the features easily. Plugins are very effective and make easier your work. WordPress repository has more than 60,000 plugins available to install in your website. This tutorial helps you to install WordPress plugin step by step. Lets do this together.

Why you need to install WordPress Plugin

  • To get more features into your website.
  • To active easy user experience in your WordPress website.
  • To backup or secure your WordPress data. and many more…

Install WordPress Plugin

Step-1: Login to WordPress Dashboard. (

Step-2: Go to Plugins > Add New

Step-3: Now you can see WordPress plugin directory. You can search for plugins, check details and install them here.

Just click on any plugin will show you a popup with plugin details.

Step-4: Click on Install Now button to install a plugin.

Step-5: After successful installation, click Activate to active the plugin. Then you will redirected to the activated plugin list.

Done! Your plugin has been installed successfully. Now you can see a extra option has been create for the plugin in side bar or under settings menu.

Install WordPress Plugin from Local computer

If you have a plugin which you download from developers website or somewhere you can still install it.

Step-1: Login to WordPress Dashboard. (

Step-2: Go to Plugins > Add New (Same as above)

Step-3: Click Upload Plugin from the top left.

Step-4: Now choose the zip file of your plugin and click upload.

Step-5: Wait few moments you will redirect to the installer page. Click Active Plugin button to activate the plugin.

Done! Your plugin has been installed successfully. If you have any query please raise a support ticket.

Edit or Delete a Plugin

The second part of our tutorial will show you how to edit or delete already installed plugins from your website. Assuming that you are already logged into your WordPress admin area you will need to navigate to Plugins>Installed Plugins.

On the page you will be redirected to all of your currently installed plugins will be displayed. In order to delete a plugin you will need to first make sure that it is deactivated.

And if it is deactivated your will be presented with the Delete link which will be in red color. By visiting the Delete link for the module you would like to be deleted you will be redirected to a page where a confirmation will be required for the plugin to be deleted successfully.

Be aware of the fact that all of the plugin files will be deleted without the option for these to be restored. Thus if you have made some custom modifications on the code of the plugin they will be also removed with the plugin deletion.

Once you are ready to delete the plugin simply click on the “Yes, Delete these files” button and the plugin will be permanently deleted.

Last but not least if you would like to edit certain plugin this can be easily achieved by navigating to the Installed Plugins or just Plugins page and visiting the Edit link for the plugin you would like to edit.

The editing of a plugin by default will redirect you to the code of the plugin you would like to edit. The changes there depend entirely on your needs and in order to perform these you will need to know how exactly the plugin you are editing works.

Note that some plugins are providing a convenient web interface for editing their functionality.

Congratulations! You can now fully manage the plugins of your website!