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WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management Service) application. You can manage your website or blog from WordPress Dashboard. After installing wordpress you have to login to dashboard section to manage your website. You can create pages, posts/articles, add/edit/delete users, add photos/videos and many more option.  WordPress Dashboard has many options to manage your website. We will discuss about all the options available in Dashboard.

  • Login to Dashboard: You can login to your WordPress Dashboard by adding /wp-admin after your domain name. Just type yourdomain.com/wp-admin and you will redirect to login page.

Enter your chosen username or email address and password during wordpress installation and click Log In.

  • Dashboard Overview: After successful login you will enter the dashboard section of your WordPress website. The dashboard look likes below:

  • 1. +New: This is the shortcut of creating post, add media, add user etc.
  • 2. Howdy username: This shows your account. You can click here to edit your profile or log out.
  • 3. Updates: Here you will find all updates available in your WordPress core or plugins or themes. You can update them from this option.
  • 4. Posts: In this option you can create/manage/edit your posts, categories, tags etc.
  • 5. Media: This is for upload section. You can manage/upload/delete your WordPress media like images, videos and documents etc.
  • 6. Pages: You can create page for your website.
  • 7. Comments: You check if someone comments on your article/posts. You can manage comments such as approve, mark as spam or delete etc.
  • 8. Appearance: This section helps you to install new themes, customize your WordPress websites and more option.
  • 9. Plugins: You can install/delete plugins in this section.
  • 10. Users: You can add/edit/remove users in this option.
  • 11. Tools: You can export or import your WordPress website data using this option.
  • 12. Settings: This option will help you to manage all the website settings such as change website name and description, comments settings, sharing settings and many more. We will discuss about all this options later on another article.

This is a simple overview of WordPress Dashboard. We will elaborate all options on next tutorials. Keep reading.

If you have any queries please submit a support ticket.


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