How to create child theme

How to Create a Child Theme

In this tutorial, we will talk about Child Themes, how to create one and what are the components needed for the task. Create Child Theme What Is Child Themes? Any Theme can become a parent Theme from which a Child theme can be developed. The Child Theme is an recipient of the functionalities and design […]

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manage widgets

Manage Widgets for your WordPress website

The widgets in WordPress can be reviewed as blocks which are usually added to the sidebars in your theme. The contents displayed in these blocks are usually related to the functionality of the widget which is predefined in the supported widgets by the theme you are using.

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update wordpress

Update WordPress Versions to latest

Keeping your WordPress installation up to date is a mandatory if you would like to preserve your website bugfree and also secured with the most recent security fixes and updates from the WordPress team. When a new update is available you will be usually informed for it at the dashboard of your WordPress admin area.

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manage category

Manage Category in WordPress

Categories in WordPress is the term used mainly for separating the theme of your post or their contents from one another and grouping them by certain criteria. In this tutorial we will explain how you should create, edit or delete a category.

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manage comments

Manage Comments in WordPress

One of the great features of WordPress is that it provides a comment system you can use for all of your pages or posts. The comment system is on as much as levels you configure it of course and it is quite intuitive and convenient. In this tutorial we will not only show you how […]

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