How to disable Network Manager on Linux CentOS 7

Disable network manager on Linux CentOs 7. Sometimes you need to disable Network manager on your Linux server. Such as, when you install cPanel, you need to disable this option or it will block the cPanel installation. Follow this steps to disable the network manager. This will allows the interface to be managed by only […]

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How to Change SSH Port on Linux CentOS 7

You can easily change SSH Port number for SSH Connect. Using default port number (22) for SSH connection is too risky. Spammers, Hackers can attack your server using default port number. It is highly recommend to change SSH Port for your Linux VPS server. Steps to change SSH Port on Linux Step-1: Connect to your […]

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modify welcome message centos

How to add modify Welcome Message CentOS Linux

If you are a VPS or Dedicated server user, you can set or change the Welcome message. The welcome message is stored in /etc/motd folder. There is generally no actual command to change or modify. So, you have to change it manually. Step-1: Login to your Linux server as root. Step-2: Now we use vi command […]

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