database cpanel

Create Modify Delete Databases cPanel

Database is very important for every website. To store data of your website you need database connect. This tutorial will show you, how to create modify and delete database cpanel. Create Database – cPanel Step-1: Login to cPanel. Step-2: Type Database in the top search bar in cPanel and click Databases.

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forward email to gmail

How to Forward your email to Gmail in cPanel

Email is very important to everyone. Every website owners have several email address for different work. Suppose you have an online eCommerce website and you have several emails such as, for administrative work, for sales inquery, for support your customer etc. Maintaining and checking each and every email¬†regularly can cause a big […]

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How To Create Email in cPanel

Email ID is very important in every business. A unique email is always preferable than a gmail or yahoo email id. Creating an email ID is very easy with 3CLOUDS cpanel. Just follow the steps below: Step-1: Login to Cpanel. Step-2: Type Email at the top search bar.

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cPanel File Permissions – Cpanel Tutorial

cPanel File Permissions are required to all files and directories in Linux Operating System. This feature gives the ability to the user for setting up different access levels for each user and also Operating system gets the ability to deal with different request for accessing the file. This feature makes system more secure to potential […]

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