How to install cPanel-WHM on Linux CentOS 7

WHM and cPanel is the most used control panel for server management. After getting your server, you need to install cPanel/WHM on your server to manage. This tutorial will help you to install cPanel/WHM into your Linux CentOS 7 server and configure the WHM for the first time. Let’s begin.. Before installing cPanel/WHM into the […]

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install wordpress plugin

Manage WordPress Plugin

Sometimes you may need some extra features which is not included in wordpress. Therefore you have to install WordPress Plugins to get the features easily. Plugins are very effective and make easier your work. WordPress repository has more than 60,000 plugins available to install in your website. This tutorial helps you to install WordPress plugin […]

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install theme wordpress

How to Install WordPress Theme

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Around 25% of websites and 60% blogs are build with WordPress. The design of a WordPress website depends on themes. You can install any themes which is compatible to WordPress. Hundreds of free themes available in the WordPress Themes Directory. This tutorial helps […]

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How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate cPanel

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It is very important to those who are accepting payments through their websites. Because SSL encrypt all the data that no one can access it. Before you go to install please read this article. What is SSL? Is it Important? Install Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate from cPanel. Step-1: FIrst Login […]

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