create contact us page

Create Contact Us page in WordPress

Enabling your website to support a contact us page will provide your customers a way to stay in touch with you. This can bring you different benefits – from simple bug reporting to quite a convenient way for your customers to contact you regarding a product you are presenting on your website.

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customize wordpress theme

How to Customize WordPress Theme

Not all of the users will like how the default configuration and look for their template is configured. Thus most probably you would like to change the way how the theme for your WordPress website looks and feels to you and to the users accessing your website.

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enable disable comments wordpress

How to Enabling or disabling the comments in WordPress

Since the WordPress platform allow the its users to write comments and of course read other comments you will most probably need to consider if you will need this option. Not all of the website owners building their websites using WordPress would like the comments enabled and this tutorial will illustrate how the comments on […]

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create menu wordpress

How to Create Menu in WordPress

Menus are so important to every website. WordPress offers several methods to create menus. By default, it automatically add to menu when you create a new page. Besides the pages, you can add categories, tags, custom links to your menus. Lets do this together.

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change wordpress header

How to Change WordPress Header

Changing the content and appearance of your website will be maybe the first step of improving the default design which is usually applied to your website after the installation of WordPress. First of course you should begin by changing the design of your header which is the exact point of this tutorial – to show […]

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