Email is very important to our life. Every business needs professional emails for their business. It gain reputation and trust to your customers when you communicate with them through your business email such as This emails are webmail based and you have to check the email through webmail by login to your id. It is very annoying to check emails all the time by login to webmail. This tutorial helps you to setup your business email to your mobile app through Gmail.

This will help you to send and receive emails on your mobile. You will get automatic notification when an email arrives to you. This will help you to interact to your customers and improve your service quality. Let’s setup your email to mobile.

Setup Email to Mobile

Step-1: Install Gmail App and open it.

Step-2: Tap on your gmail account and it will show options to add new account, tap Add Account.

Step-3: Next screen, it shows you many types of email accounts to add. Tap on Other

Step-4: Type your email address and tap on next.

Step-5: Select any one of this two POP3 or IMAP and tap on next option.

Step-6: Type your email password and tap on next. Please recheck your password or it may failed to authenticate.

Step-7: Now setup your incoming server. Use your own domain as server name.

Step-8: Now setup outgoing server. Check require sign in on. Enter all the details (by default it will take from your previous information). The SMTP server name is same as your website address.

Step-9: Last Step, type your account name and your name and tap next to go to your inbox.

Done! Now you can manage all of your email id from your mobile. Easily send and receive emails in your mobile. If you like our tutorials please share it to others.