register domain

Domain is very important to everyone. This is the first step to create a website. A domain is the most important id of your business or website. To register a domain you need a valid email address which you have to confirm after purchase. Domain can buy yearly basis.

How to choose a domain name?

Choosing a domain name is very important. The domain name represent your website as well as your business, so you must choose a name which represent your business.

  • The domain name must be short. Long domain names is very hard to remember.
  • You must use your main business keyword in your domain name.
  • The domain name should be easy to remember.
  • If you want to use numbers in your domain place it in a good position like or
  • If your targeted area is all over the World, use .COM, .NET or .ORG extension.
  • If your targeted area is India or specific country, you can use country extensions. Such as, .in and is for India; .uk and is for United Kingdom, .eu is for European Union etc.

Why you should register multiple domain / extension?

We always recommend to register multiple extension for your domain. It will keep your business unique. Suppose you are from India and you have a domain name, If someone register the same domain with indian extension like or, then your business popularity may be in risk.

If you register .com extension then always buy .in and extension to keep your name unique and to stop your competitor.

Why you need Privacy Protection to your domain

Privacy protection of a domain is very important. The time you register a domain your all information (email, phone number, address, name etc) goes to whois database. Anyone can check the whois database and get your information. Marketers, fraudsters, spammers use those emails and phone numbers to send you spam or marketing messages. So always use privacy protection when you buy a domain.

Domain with country extension (ccTLD) .IN, .CO.IN, .UK etc cannot protect through whois privacy. Check here for more: Whois Protection

Register a Domain

Step-1: Go to Register Domain section and Click the Button. Click here to go to the page directly.

Step-2: Now type the domain name without www or https just type yourdomainname (you don’t have to type any extensions) and click Search.

Step-3: After click search option you will see if the domain is available or not. If available click Add button to add to your cart.

Step-4: After adding to cart click on checkout button to go to next step. Here you can add ID protection or Whois protection for your domain. You can change the nameserver also. But leave it default for now. Click Continue.

Step-5: Review your order here. If you are not from India use USD as your price. Clcik on Checkout.

Step-6: Next page, enter your all details correctly and go through. If you are a registered customer please click on Already Registered button to login.

Step-7: When you complete previous step, you will redirected to your invoice for payment. Click Pay Now option for payment. You can change payment methods from the invoice.

Step-8:  When you click the Pay Now button, you will redirected to payment page. There is many options for payment. Select anyone and pay.

After successful payment, you will redirect to your account and your domain will be activated instantly.

NOTE: Please verify your email address after domain registration. Or your domain may suspended due to verification failure. If you have any question please contact support.