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WordPress is most popular CMS (Content Management Service) in the world. WordPress is very easy to use, you don’t need to know any coding language with WordPress. Here we will show you, how to install wordpress cpanel.

Installing WordPress is very easy with our control panel. Just follow the steps below to install WordPress with our one click WordPress installer.

Step by Step guide to install WordPress cPanel

Step-1: Login to cPanel.

Step-2: Type app in the top search bar in cPanel.

You will find there is Softaculous app installer.

Step-3: Click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Step-4: Now WordPress installer page will open. Click on Install this application.

Step-5: After Click the install button, you will see a new page with some settings.

  • 1. Version: Make sure you are using recommended version. Don’t install old versions.
  • 2. Domain: Selct your domain by click this option. You can choose the protocol http or https. If you already installed our free SSL certificate select https instead of http.
  • 3. Directory: If you want to install WordPress to your main domain like make this field empty. If you type blog in here, your WordPress will show in
  • 4. Admin Username: Type your admin username. This username cannot be changed later and it will use for main administrator username. Do not use admin as your username. It will expose your administrator usernames to hacker.
  • 5. Admin Password: Always use a strong password. Use combination of uppercase, lowercase, number and special character. Using strong password always protect your website from hackers.
  • 6. Admin Email: Type your email address. This email is your administrator email which will be use for login and ‘forgot password’ purpose. By default it will use your account email address, but if you want to change, change it here.
  • 7. Classic Editor Plugins: Check it out. Because WordPress has brought a new technology to design in the last year, which is not very popular for everyone.
  • 8. Install: Once WordPress installation is complete, you will see your website link and your WordPress admin link.

Step-6: After Clicking the install button, please wait few minutes to complete the installation process. If everything goes fine, you will see a success message after completing.

Step-7: Well, WordPress installation is successfully completed. To check your website clear your browser cache memory and type your domain name to the browser and hit enter.

You can login to WordPress using /wp-admin after your domain name.


Advanced Options

We already discussed about WordPress installation. This Advance options required little more advanced knowledge to setup. If you are beginner then we suggest you to skip this. But others don’t worry, we explained everything with screenshot. Check below:

  • Database Name: Softaculous automatically created a database name for you s you don’t need to change them.
  • Table Prefix: Table Prefix require for multiple websites run on same database.
  • Email Notifications: If you want email notification then leave this.
  • Auto upgrade: We suggest you to select “do not auto upgrade” option because auto upgrade may damage your website.
  • Backup Location: You can choose backup location but we recommend you to leave with default setting.

Setup WordPress Google Drive Backup

Google Drive is most used backup space as it offers 15GB free space for every user. In these days, everyone has google account as well as google drive. Use the free drive space to store your WordPress backup.

Just follow some steps,

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

When you hit add backup location option google will show and ask you to login to google account and give authorization to google drive.

Simply login your google account and allow access. Done!

Now everything is setup. Hit the Install button and complete the installation process.

If you have any issue regarding this, please submit a support ticket here.


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