In this tutorial we can check how to fix the WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue.

WordPress is a free and open-source Content Management System built on PHP and MySQL. WordPress started its journey as just a blogging system, but has evolved to an advanced state where it can be used as a full content management system. It has thousands of plugins, widgets and themes to customize the website. It also provides an Admin panel to manage the website. If you are using WordPress for a while, you may have encountered the Admin login page refreshing and redirecting issue. There are many bloggers whose admin login page redirects to the home page. They get redirected to the login page whenever they try to use the WordPress admin panel.


There are many causes for this issue to occur. You can fix this issue by doing some troubleshooting steps. Before performing the troubleshooting steps please take a database/full website backup for safety.

How to fix login page issue?

Clear cookies and cache

The first troubleshooting step in WordPress login issue is very simple. WordPress uses cookies from your browser for security purposes. These cookies are used for WordPress login authentication. You may clear cookies and cache from your browser and restart it. After restarting your browser try to login to the admin panel. This should fix the issue in most cases.

Deactivate plugins

The WordPress plugins can also cause the login page issue, if there is a conflict between plugins. Sometimes plugins may not get updated properly causing this issue. The poorly coded plugins sometimes damage your website and causes WordPress login issue. We need to deactivate the plugins to see if the plugins are the actual cause for this issue. We can deactivate the plugins by renaming it. Rename /wp-content/plugins/ directory to /wp-content/plugin.bak or any name that can be easily remembered. You can use a FTP/SSH to connect to your hosting. You can also use cPanel file manager to deactivate the WordPress plugins. Once you have deactivated all plugins, try to login to your admin panel. If you can login to admin area successfully, then we can confirm your plugin was the culprit. To spot the exact plugin causing this issue, you can activate plugins one by one by renaming them again to old names. You need to try login to the admin area after the activation of each plugin, thus you can find out the exact plugin causing this issue.

Revert to default theme

WordPress theme can also cause the login page issue as they will show conflicts after upgrading WordPress or WordPress theme. We need to deactivate your WordPress theme to find out if the issue is actually caused by the theme. This process is similar to deactivating the plugins. You can use FTP/SSH to connect to your hosting. Rename your current theme directory in /wp-content/themes/ to anything. After deactivation of the themes, WordPress will fail to use the current theme and fall back to use its default theme. Once you have deactivated the themes try to login again to admin area. If you have successfully logged in to admin area, then you can confirm your current theme was causing this issue. If you are already using the default theme for WordPress, then you can rename it and try to login to the admin area. If you have logged in to your admin area successfully then this means that your default theme may have corrupted. To fix this issue download a fresh default theme from WordPress repository and upload it to your website.

Delete .htaccess fie

The .htaccess file also cause the login page issue if it is corrupted. This can also cause internal server errors on your website. Connect to your website via FTP/SSH and backup .htaccess file from your website root directory and delete it. You may also delete .htaccess file from wp-admin folder as well if it exists. Once done try logging in again to your admin area. If you have logged in to your admin area successfully, then this means that your .htaccess was preventing you from logging into WordPress. After you logged into your admin area go to ‘Settings >> Permalinks >> click Save’. This will create a new .htaccess file for your WordPress website.

Update site URL

Sometimes updating the WordPress URL in wp-config.php file fix the login page issue. To update URL, connect to your website via FTP/SSH and simply add the below lines to your wp-config.php file.





You must replace the with your own URL. If your site has www. then make sure you add it. Once done save wp-config.php file and try logging in to your admin area.

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