How to create Email Auto Responder

The auto responder tool is a great cPanel feature that allows you to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a specified account. This can be useful for times when you are on vacation or unavailable, or if you have a generic message that you wish to send from a support email address.

Please note that if you do not create a forwarder or email account with the same address as the auto responder, mail will only be handled by the auto responder before it is discarded.

To create an auto responder, please login your cPanel and refer to the Auto Responders icon under the Mail section.

To create a new Auto Responder, please click on the Add AutoResponder button on the next page. This will load the form required to create an auto responder. Fill in all the fields and setup the time frame for which your auto responder will be active by editing the start /end options.

When you are ready click on the Create button to complete the process.