forward email to gmail

Email is very important to everyone. Every website owners have several email address for different work. Suppose you have an online eCommerce website and you have several emails such as, for administrative work, for sales inquery, for support your customer etc. Maintaining and checking each and every email regularly can cause a big problem. What if you can forward all your emails to a particular email account such as Gmail?

Yes, this could be done through your cPanel and Gmail or any other email. Here we show you, how you can forward your email to Gmail from cpanel. Follow the steps below:

Forward your email to Gmail

Step-1: Log in to cPanel.

Step-2: Go to Email section and click Forwarders.

Step-3: Select the domain name and Click Add Forwarder.

Step-4: Enter all the details on the page and click Add Forwarder.

Step-5: Now you have to verify the email through Gmail.

Step-6: Login to Gmail Account and go to Settings option.

Step-7: Go to the option Accounts and Import tab from the top menu.

Step-8: Click on Add another email address.

Step-9: A popup will open. Enter the email address and click Next Step.

Step-10: Click the button ‘Send Verification’.

Step-11: Go to your domain email and click on the link sent by the Google to confirm it.

Step-12: Then you will get domain’s email to your Gmail account.

Done! Your all emails will forward to your gmail account.