Disable network manager on Linux CentOs 7. Sometimes you need to disable Network manager on your Linux server. Such as, when you install cPanel, you need to disable this option or it will block the cPanel installation.

Follow this steps to disable the network manager. This will allows the interface to be managed by only Network Service.

Step-1: Login to your server using root and enter the command below.

# nmcli device status

After entering this command, you will see a list of all network interfaces along with current state. If network manager not controlling any interface it will state as unmanaged. If there is any other value, its mean the interface is under network manager.

Step-2: Stop the network manager service by entering the command below:

systemctl stop NetworkManager

Step-3: Disable the service permanently.

systemctl disable NetworkManager

Step-4: Now confirm the network manager service has been disabled.

systemctl list-unit-files | grep NetworkManager

Note: You may see, a network manager service called NetworkManager-wait-online.service is enabled. To disable this completely enter the below command:

sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager-wait-online.service

Now run the step-4 command to check again.