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Database is very important for every website. To store data of your website you need database connect. This tutorial will show you, how to create modify and delete database cpanel.

Create Database – cPanel

Step-1: Login to cPanel.

Step-2: Type Database in the top search bar in cPanel and click Databases.

Step-3: Next page you will see create new database option. Type your database name and click Create Database.

Your database has been created! After creating a database you have to add a user to the database and grant all privileges. Here is how you do that:

Create Database User – cPanel

Step-4: On the same page you have the option to create a database user. Just scroll down and look in to MySQL user section. Type your database username and your password.

Add User to Database

Step-5: To add a user to database scroll down to the ‘Add User to Database’ section on the same page. From the drop down choose the username of your database and select the database where you want to add the user. Click Add to add user in database.

After click the ‘Add’ button you will be go to the next page where you have to grant all privileges to the user.

Step-6: Click on ALL PRIVILEGES and click add user from the bottom.

You can change database name of change database user password from the page.

To change a database name scroll down to the Current Database section and click Rename option to change name.

You can check errors and repair a database on Modify Database section:

If you have any query regarding this, please submit a support ticket to support team.


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