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The first step to build your wordpress website is create some post or articles. WordPress is very well documented Content Management System (CMS) which helps you to manage your article/post in more easiest way. Creating articles/posts will help you to engage more people to your website. Hence you will reach to more people and generate more revenues. Keep your articles section update always.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can create your articles.

Step-1: Login to dashboard first.

Step-2: Go to Post > Add New.

After clicking the ‘Add New’ option a new page will open with WordPress editor.

In this editor, enter your article title in the title section and type your content below the editor section. You can add image by clicking the media button.

Step-3: Add Media/Image: Click Add Media option and a popup will show where you have to upload your image/photo.

Media Uploaded successfully. Click Insert into post to insert media to your article.

Step-4: Publish Post: Click Publish button to publish your post/article. After successful publish, you can see a success message like below,

Step-5: Check your Article: Now click on View post option to check your newly published article. The post is published on your website like below,

Editing or Deleting a Post

The next part of this tutorial is related to how a post should be edited or deleted. In order to edit or delete a post you will need to navigate to Posts>All posts.

There you will be able to review all of the existing posts in the table view presented at the center of the page.

Editing a Post is fairly simple. The only thing you will need to do is to hover over a post and the edit link will appear. Once you click it you will be redirected to the same interface as the one for adding posts where you should be able to edit the post.

Deleting a post is even simpler than editing or creating one. Once you hover over the post you would like to edit simply use the Trash link which will send the post directly in the trash section.

If you would like the post permanently deleted you will need to access the Trash section and then hover the post once again which will display the Delete Permanently option.

That’s all.


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