create page wordpress

After installing WordPress you need to create posts and pages for your viewers. You can add information in your pages. Add photos, media, documents and more. Pages are different from posts.

Difference between page and post in WordPress

Pages: Pages are static content. It usually doesn’t changes until you edit a page. Example of pages is about page, product page, service age etc.

Posts: Posts are dynamically changes everyday. The posts generally shows on blog section. Posts are very important to your website because it added fresh content regularly which is very good for search engines.

Create a Page in WordPress

Step-1: Login to WordPress Dashboard. (

Step-2: Click Pages > Add New to create new pages.

Step-3: Edit or create new pages.

Option-1: Enter the page title here. Page titles are hidden from pages but this will show on browsers.

Option-2: Enter your page contents.

Option-3: Click Add Media option to add photos.

Option-4: Click this option to open more option for edit.

Option-5: Save draft if you want to edit the page later. It will save your page but not published. You can edit it later and publish.

Option-6: Select a featured image for your page.

Option-7: Click Preview option to check your page before publish.

Option-8: Click publish button to publish your page.


Please submit a support ticket if you have any queries regarding this.